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IPSV Resources for Professionals and Students

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If you're a counselor, activist, medical or legal professional, researcher or any other professional who intersects with victims/survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence, you may find this page useful. This page is a hub of what I know to be available currently, and I hope it will grow. I will update it as I come across new information, or as you kindly email it to me.

If you are a professional who is here because you work with Intimate Partner Sexual Violence or you are interested in doing so,that's great. If you or your organization are doing something with IPSV, I'd like to put it on this page. Please email me. Also if you know of any other programs, papers, research, books or sites that you believe should be included on this page, I would be grateful if you would email me too.
  • "He Didn’t Necessarily Force Himself Upon Me, But . . . ”:Women’s Lived Experiences
    of Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships With Men - Nicole K. Jeffrey1 and Paula C. Barata View Abstract here.

Pay to View (Unless you are affiliated with a university or other organization that can get these studies free):

  • LAURA X Violence Against Women, Sep 1999; vol. 5: pp. 1064 - 1081.See Abstract
  • An Integrative Review of Separation in the Context of Victimization Robert Walker, Tk Logan, Carol E. Jordan, Jacquelyn C. Campbell See Abstract
  • CHRISTINE R. HANNEKE, NANCY M. SHIELDS, and GEORGE J. McCALL Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Sep 1986; vol. 1: pp. 350 - 362. See Abstract
  • Attributions About Rape in a Continuum of Dissolving Marital Relationships - CORRIE A. EWOLDT, CANDICE M. MONSON, and JENNIFER LANGHINRICHSEN-ROHLING Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Nov 2000; vol. 15: pp. 1175 - 1182. See Abstract
  • Behind closed doors. Detecting and responding to marital rape. Goldy D, Goldy R Jr. Adv Nurse Pract. 1999 Nov;7(11):75-7. Go here
  • Counseling Services for Battered Women: A Comparison of Outcomes for Physical and Sexual Assault Survivors - April Howard, Stephanie Riger, Rebecca Campbell and Sharon Wasco. Download See Abstract
  • Current Perceptions of Marital Rape: Some Good and Not-So-Good News Christine Ferro, Jill Cermele, and Ann Saltzman
    Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Jun 2008; vol. 23: pp. 764 - 779. See Abstract
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  • Does "No" Really Mean "No" After You Say "Yes"?: Attributions About Date and Marital Rape - CANDICE M. MONSON, JENNIFER LANGHINRICHSEN-ROHLING, and TISHA BINDERUP Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Nov 2000; vol. 15: pp. 1156 - 1174. See Abstract
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  • "He Didn’t Necessarily Force Himself Upon Me, But . . . ”:Women’s Lived Experiences
    of Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships With Men
    - Nicole K. Jeffrey1 and Paula C. Barata See Abstract .
  • Patricia Mahoney Violence Against Women, Sep 1999; vol. 5: pp. 993 - 1016. See Abstract
  • Histories of Violent Victimization Among Women Who Reported Unwanted Sex in Marriages and Intimate Relationships: Findings From a Qualitative Study - Kathleen C. Basile, Violence Against Women, Jan 2008; vol. 14: pp. 29 - 52. See Abstract
  • Individual Differences in the Propensity for Partner Sexual Coercion - Camilleri JA, Quinsey VL. See Abstract
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  • Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: Are There Unique Characteristics Associated With Making Partners Have Sex Without a Condom? Michele Parkhill Purdie, Antonia Abbey, and Angela J. Jacques-Tiura  VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN 2010;16 1086-1097 See Abstract
  • Power, Sex, and Violence: The Case of Marital Rape - Richard Gelles, Family Coordinator, 26, 4, 339-47, Oct 77 Go Here
  • Pregnancy Following Partner Rape: What We Know and What We Need To Know Judith McFarlane
    Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, Apr 2007; vol. 8: pp. 127 - 134.
    See Abstract
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  • Women’s Responses to Sexual Violence by Male Intimates Draucker et al. West J Nurs Res.2000; 22: 385-406 See Abstract

Free to Read:

  • Asking women about intimate partner sexual violence - Liz Wall. Download pdf here
  • Addressing ‘The Ultimate Insult’: Responding To Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Sexual Violence- Jill Duncan and Deborah Western - Download pdf here
  • Beyond Traditional Definitions of Assault: Expanding Our Focus to Include Sexually Coercive Experiences
    Jennifer L. Broach and Patricia A. Petretic, Journal of Family Violence 21, 8, 477–486 Download pdf here
  • Children’s exposure to intimate partner sexual assault, Kathryn Ford, Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly, (1)2.  141-149. Download here.
  • Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking - Read here.
  • Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Rape Victimization: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey - Download pdf here
  • Facing the reality of intimate partner sexual violence - Di Macleod Download pdf here and find the article on page 11.
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: An International Survey and Literature Review Kim Slote and Carrie Cuthbert Available here
  • Intimate partner sexual assault : the impact of competing demands on victims' decisions to seek criminal justice solutions Denise Lievore Available here
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Violence WCSAP Research & Advocacy Digest Volume 9 January 2007 Available here
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: A Review of Current Literature and Consideration of Possible Future Research Directions - Carleen Hite-Corrie Download pdf here
  • Just "keeping the peace": A reluctance to respond to male partner sexual violence Melanie Heenan ACSSA Issues No. 1 March 2004 – Download pdf here
  • Marital Rape -  Barbe Kiffe, Dakota County Sexual Assault Services Available here
  • Marital Rape: New research and directions. Raquel Kennedy Bergen and Elizabeth Barnhill (2006), Applied Research Forum, National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women Available here
  • Preventing Domestic Violence Death - is a Sexual Assault a Risk Factor? - Rochelle Braaf Available here
  • Proximate and ultimate explanations are required for a comprehensive understanding of partner rape - Aaron T. Goetz , Todd K. Shackelford, Joseph A. Camilleri Download pdf
  • Rape and Sexual Assault of Women: Findings from the British Crime Survey - Andy Myhill and Jonathan Allen, 2002. Available here.
  • Sexual assault and domestic violence in the context of co-occurrence and re-victimisation. - ANROWS, Landscapes, State of Knowledge paper, October 2015 Download pdf here.
  • Sexual Assault and Family Violence: Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) discussion paper Download pdf here
  • Sexual Assault During and After Separation/Divorce: An Exploratory Study - Walter S. DeKeseredy, Ph.D. Available here
  • Sexual Assault Among Intimates:  Frequency, Consequences & Treatments - Dr. Judith McFarlane and Dr. Anne Malecha - Available here
  • Sexual Assault in Abusive Relationships - Lauren R. Taylor and Nicole Gaskin-Laniyan - Available here
  • The many facets of shame in intimate partner sexual violence - Liz Wall - Available here
  • The Psychology of Partner Sexual Coercion- J Camilleri - Available here  
  • Raped by a Partner: A research report – D. Parkinson and S. Cowan - Available here
  • Tips for Responding to Intimate Partner Sexual Violence from WCSAP - Download the word doc here
  • Washington Coalition of Domestic Violence Programs (WCSAP) Connections: IPSV - Available for download here and featuring several interesting articles for professionals including:
    • Considering the Differences: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Discourse - by Louise McOrmond-Plummer
      Advice for Criminal Justice Staff and/or Advocates to Aid IPSV Survivors by Patricia Easteal
    • Making the Connections: Advocating for Survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence by Marianne Winters
    • Making Marital Rape A Crime: A Long Road Traveled, A Long Way to Go by Lynn Hecht Schafran, Director, National Judicial Education Program, Stefanie Lopez-Boy, Program Associate, National Judicial Education Program and Mary Rothwell Davis
    • Prosecuting Intimate Partner Sexual Assault by Jennifer Gentile Long
    • Successfully Investigating IPSV: Considerations for Law Enforcement by National Center for Women & Policing
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Violence A Multidisciplinary Guide to Improving Services and Support for Survivors of Rape and Abuse - Eds. LOUISE McORMOND-PLUMMER, PATRICIA EASTEAL AM AND JENNIFER Y. LEVY-PECK: This book brings together advice for professionals working with individuals who have experienced rape or other forms of sexual abuse by current or former partners. Multidisciplinary and international in its approach, the book covers key issues salient to all professionals—including the impact of IPSV, reproductive coercion, possible consequences of taking a case to court, and best practice service responses. It also addresses the needs of IPSV victims in different contexts, such as those in same-sex or teenage relationships, immigrant victims, and those in prison. This is an authoritative resource for all professionals who work with IPSV victims including counselors, social workers, refuge workers, victim advocates, mental health professionals, pastoral workers, lawyers, police, and health practitioners.
  • Rape as a Part of Domestic Violence: A Qualitative Analysis of Case Narratives and Official Reports - Katherine Tellis: This study seeks to make sexual assault visible in domestic violence by using extant typologies to examine the control context and co-occurrence of physical and sexual assault in intimate partner rape. Findings reveal a predominance of Intimate Terrorism and gratuitous physical violence in over half of the cases, but suspects use threats to foster victim compliance in the majority of cases.
  • Real Rape Real Pain: Help for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners - Patricia Easteal and Louise McOrmond-Plummer: My co-authored book is the first of its kind written for survivors of partner rape and covering numerous subjects such as defining and naming partner rape, the perpetrators, healing, future relationships, advice for supporters and going through the courts. Although the primary audience is survivors of IPSV, it is also intended as a resource for workers
  • Voices of The Survivors - Patricia Easteal: An Australian text, this book covers rape in very many settings, including by husbands, boyfriends and estranged partner
  • The Rapist Who Pays the Rent - Ruth Hall, Selma James and Judith Kertesz: A British text which covers WAR'S fight to have rape in marriage recognized as a crime. Can be mail-ordered from WAR (Women Against Rape, UK)
  • License to Rape: Sexual Abuse of Wives - David Finkelhor & Kersti Yllo: This landmark study covers many aspects of rape by husbands, including affects on women and potential strategies for ending it. Also, interviews with husbands who raped their wives
  • Wife Rape: Understanding the Response of Survivors and Service Providers - Raquel Kennedy Bergen: Excellent study with lots of material on the responses and needs of survivors of rape by husbands, as well suggestions for change in service provision.
  • Rape in Marriage - Diana E.H. Russell: A must-read for anybody seeking to understand rape by partners. Ms. Russell also includes a section on the rape of lovers, i.e. boyfriends. Excellent coverage of the view of women as property from historical times. Looks intelligently at the problem of subsuming marital rape under the category of domestic violence, and the troubled history of rape crisis and domestic violence service responses to partner rape.
  • Dangerous Exits: Escaping Abusive Relationships in Rural America - Walter S. DeKeseredy and Martin D. Schwartz This excellent addition to the literature on violence to women looks at the physical, mental and sexual violence rural women may face when exiting dangerous relationships, after they have left them, or even post-divorce. People are very fond of leveling judgments at women who don't "just leave" but this book is a timely reminder of the terrorism that serves to frighten women into remaining - and their fear of what may happen if they leave is, as this book shows, not groundless. I particularly appreciate the way DeKeseredy and Schwartz explore the danger of sexual assault when a woman "emotionally" separates from a partner - i.e. she does not have to even announce she is leaving; the man just senses she is growing distant and rapes her in order to reassert control and ownership. Highly recommended - most certainly for professionals concerned with the safety of women escaping abuse.
  • “Battered Wives’ Reactions to Marital Rape,” Nancy M. Shields and Christine R. Hanneke, in The Dark Side of Families, D. Finkelhor, R. Gelles, G. Hotaling and M. Straus (eds), Sage Publications, CA, 1983.
  • ‘ “I just raped my wife! What are you going to do about it, Pastor?” The church and sexual violence’Carol J. Adams, in Transforming a Rape Culture, E Buchwald, P Fletcher and M Roth (eds), Milkweed Editions, Minneapolis, 1995
  • “Prediction of Homicide of and by Battered Women”, Jacquelyn C. Campbell, in Assessing Dangerousness: Violence by Sexual Offenders, Batterers, and Child Abusers. Jacquelyn C. Campbell (ed) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 1995
  •  “Rape in Marriage: Has the License Lapsed?’ Patricia Easteal in Balancing the Scales: Rape, Law Reform and Australian Culture, Patricia Easteal (ed), Federation Press, Sydney, 1988
  •  “Rape in Marriage: A Sociological View” David Finkelhor and Kersti Yllo, in The Dark Side of Families, D. Finkelhor, R. Gelles, G. Hotaling and M. Straus (eds), Sage Publications, CA, 1983.

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