Louise McOrmond-Plummer, author and expert on Intimate Partner Sexual Violence
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Louise's Books about IPSV

Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Prevention, Recognition, and Intervention
Eds. Louise McOrmond-Plummer, Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck and Patricia Easteal AM
UK, 2017

Publisher Blurb: "Research shows that intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV) is the most common form of sexual assault. Professional focus is often on the victim, but more information is needed about the perpetrators in order to have a fuller understanding of this crime. The very nature of IPSV – sexual assault within a relationship – means that professionals who work with victims must understand the dynamics of perpetrators as well.

This new book will distill the knowledge that exists about perpetrators of IPSV. It includes chapters by authors who have worked directly with IPSV perpetrators and covers important subjects such as addressing IPSV in batterer groups, police management strategies, the danger of IPSV to children, the different types of violence perpetrators use, and prevention approaches for young people. There is also still a widely-held view that rapists are strangers in alleyways. This book is intended to educate professionals about who is a perpetrator, as well as to highlight the very real danger these perpetrators represent, including a heightened risk of lethality.

The contributors look at the social context of IPSV and the implications for prevention and provide hands-on knowledge to practitioners in a number of fields. The book may also be used within the academic context in fields such as social work, sociology, counseling, psychology, medicine, nursing, criminal justice, and law."

View: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Improving Services and Support for Survivors of Rape and Abuse
Eds. Louise McOrmond-Plummer, Patricia Easteal and Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, UK, 2014

Publisher Blurb: "Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV) is the most common type of sexual violence and a common component of domestic violence, yet most cases go unreported and service responses are often inadequate. This book brings together advice for all those professionals working with individuals who have experienced IPSV and puts forward recommendations to tackle this prevalent form of sexual violence.

With contributions from leading experts on IPSV, Intimate Partner Sexual Violence is a comprehensive guide to the subject which bridges the gap between research and practice. Multidisciplinary and international in approach, the book covers key issues salient to all professionals - the impact of IPSV, reproductive coercion, the physical and psychological indicators, possible consequences of taking a case to court, and best practice service responses. One section also addresses the risks and needs of IPSV victims in different contexts, such as those in same-sex or teenage relationships, immigrant victims, and those living in rural areas or in prison.

This is an authoritative resource for all professionals who work with IPSV victims including counselors, social workers, refuge workers, victim advocates, mental health professionals, pastoral workers, lawyers, police, and health practitioners."


Real Rape, Real Pain: Help for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners
Patricia Easteal and Louise McOrmond-Plummer
Hybrid Publishers, Australia 2006
Drawing on the experiences and voices of 30 survivors of partner rape from Australia, North America, Canada and the UK, and fused with studies and literature abolout sexual assault and domestic violence, this is a healing/resource book for survivors, supporters and professionals in the fields of counselling and advocacy internationally.

Publisher Blurb: "If you think you're alone in fearing the rapist in your home, abused even while you love the perpetrator, here is a book that will open your eyes to what numerous other women are going through, and teach you about rights, boundaries and healing from the trauma caused by partner rape. It challenges both the silence and the social myths about what "real" rape is, with the aim of preventing it from continuing."

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